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The executive team at Thomas Oilfield Services is dedicated to increasing value for our customers and employees.

Our company leadership exemplifies a strong combination of entrepreneurial creativity and governing competency that comes from years of experience working in the oilfield industry.

“I use Thomas Oilfield Services because they are reliable, honest, dependable and offer first rate customer service.”

- Sammy Murphy, Encana Drilling Consultant

Meet the Team

Greg Peeler President / CEO
Mike Horne CFO
Hank Guillotte Director of HSE
Dustin Speight HSE Advisor, ETX/NLA
Jody Goodwin Dir. of Operations, ETX/NLA
John Turner Dir. of Operations, WTX/NM
Preston Parrott Inventory & Billing Specialist, ETX/NLA
Steve Taylor Inventory & Billing Specialist, WTX/NM
Trent Bussey Billing Specialist, ETX/NLA
Cory Crumrine DOT Compliance Manager
Robert Hill Operations Manager, ETX/NLA
John Barnard Field Superintendent, ETX/NLA
Rene Gudino Operations Manager, WTX/NM
Casey Barrier Field Superintendent, WTX/NM
Waylon Shockley Trucking Manager, WTX/NM
Steve Morgan Trucking Manager, ETX/NLA
Ryan Summers Quality Control, WTX/NM
Jimmy Allen Quality Control, ETX/NLA
Baron Francis Lead Mechanic, WTX/NM
Kristyn McCormick Sales, WTX/NM
Melissa Cartwright Sales, WTX/NM
Jason Frausto Sales, WTX/NM
Aspen McClung Account Manager, WTX/NM
Elliot Knaack Account Manager, WTX/NM
Joe Stillwell Sales, ETX/NLA
Damian Rodriguez Sales, ETX/NLA
Stacy Moore Sales, ETX/NLA
Our History

A Humble Beginning

Founded in 2009, Thomas Oilfield Services began as a one truck operation in North Louisiana. Since then, it has grown into one of the most respected and influential companies in the oilfield industry.

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We work hard to ensure all of our employees have quality benefits and are happy with their work-life balance.

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