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Our Mission & Core Values

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Mission Statement

To provide an extensive line of oilfield rental equipment and professional trucking services along with an experienced and well-qualified team who know how to cater to the oilfield industry.

“Thomas Oilfield Services does what’s best for their customers.”

- Gary Williams, XTO

Our Core Values


You can rely on us to arrive on time and to finish the job on time, and we will always be considerate of your facility and will treat it as our own. We use only the latest equipment and we keep it running at its best so you can have peace of mind when we arrive on the jobsite.


We are honest in our communication and in our actions. Our customer service staff is proactive in communicating with our crew and our customers to avoid any issues from arising. If an issue does arise, we will be open and honest about it and will communicate with everyone involved to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.


We believe in managing our company with moral and ethical principles to ensure we are fiscally conservative and strong. By consistently acting with honor and integrity, we have developed a reputation of offering outstanding customer service.


Our commitment to safety starts with leadership. Assisted by a team of HSE professionals, our managers and crew supervisors serve as the first line of defense with the responsibility of ensuring that our workforce is up to date on all safety requirements.

Investing in Our Community

Organizations we Support

Thomas Oilfield Services values the communities we live in. We proudly support these organizations as they continue to make an impact locally and globally.

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